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Man of Steel (2013)
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Man of Steel (2013)

MAN OF STEEL begins with the origin story of Superman's birth on Krypton. Unlike all the other babies on Krypton who are engineered by a codex to be workers, warriors, leaders, or scientists baby Kal El was made the old fashioned way, by the planet's head scientist, Jor El and his wife Lara. During a failed coup attempt by General Zod, Jor El is killed but not before his wife launches their newborn son to the distant planet Earth. Zod and his cronies are banished a sentence that ultimately saves the troop of villains when Krypton implodes. Fast forward to Earth, where a grown, bearded, and handsome Clark Kent is a nomad who as his late father, Jonathan instructed hides his special powers, except for occasionally saving men from a burning oil rig or rescuing fearless investigative journalist Lois Lane. Clark finds out who he really is when he discovers an ancient Kryptonian scouting ship, but the same command key that lures his father's ghost acts a beacon for Zod and his army. When Zod's ship enters Earth's atmosphere, they demand Superman's surrender, making the caped Man of Steel reveal himself to the government and setting up a massive confrontation between Zod and Superman. Watch free movie online "Man of Steel (2013)" in a good HD quality without registration.
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