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Mama (2013)
HD 720
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Mama (2013)

Black-haired, raccoon eyed rock 'n' roller Annabel lets out a happy "whoop" when she discovers that she's not pregnant. But her boyfriend, Lucas is an artist who's spent five years searching for his missing brother and two nieces. And when the nieces Victoria and her younger sister, Lily are suddenly discovered alive in a cabin in the woods, Annabel and Lucas find that, ready or not, they're now parents. Unfortunately, a creepy ghost known only as "Mama" complete with silvery hair, crooked features, and bent limbs has been looking after the girls and has no intention of letting them go. Can Annabel discover the ghost's secret before "Mama" gets really mad? Watch free movie online "Mama (2013)" in a good HD quality without registration.
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