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The Last Stand (2013)
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The Last Stand (2013)

Ray Owens is the sheriff of Somerton, a small Arizona border town. On a weekend when nearly the town's entire population is off at an away high school football game, Owens stays behind to enjoy a day off. Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, Gabriel Cortez a billionaire Mexican drug kingpin, escapes a top-secret transport to federal prison. FBI Agent John Bannister leads the effort to recapture Cortez, who's taken off in a high tech Corvette with another agent as his hostage. As Cortez drives toward Somerton to cross back into Mexico, Sheriff Owen and his deputies get embroiled in the pursuit. But Cortez and his henchmen, led by the ruthless Burrell are willing to kill everyone left in town to get their boss to safety. Watch free movie online "The Last Stand (2013)" in a good HD quality without registration.
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