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Assault on Wall Street (2013)
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Assault on Wall Street (2013)

The movie begins with a man named Jim who is a security guard. He guards the armored truck in the beautiful city New York. He lives a happy life and comfortable by working hard. He believes in hard work and has zeal to do more. He earns daily and his daily wages are just enough for his livelihood. Sadly, his wife named Rosie is suffering from a very fatal disease and she needs profound treatment recover. Her health insurance covers up all the money and so Rosie is provided with effective treatment.

But things take a bad turn when Rosie’s health insurance is ceased and what’s worse is that Jim’s loses all of his savings in an investment and he is now left with nothing. He has been ditched by the financial institutions and that has led to a financial crisis which is affecting both his professional and personal life. Being left with nothing he feels hopeless but then he sums up the courage and decides to fight back. Watch free movie online "Assault on Wall Street (2013)" in a good HD quality without registration.
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