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Kill the Messenger (2014)
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Kill the Messenger (2014)

In 1996, Gary Webb, a reporter working in the San Jose Mercury News' Sacramento bureau, stumbled on a story about a drug dealer whose assets were seized, which led him to an even bigger journalistic fish: the CIA's involvement in drug smuggling and gun-running in Nicaragua. It's an explosive discovery, one with significant criminal, political, and sociological implications. But as soon as Webb reaps the plaudits, the attacks begin. And not just from those he's writing about, some of whom are as sinister as they come. But from within his industry, too: Did he report his articles correctly? Why doesn't he have more sources on record? How did a reporter in a small bureau nab one of the biggest stories of the decade? His marriage to his wife, still delicate after a struggle, begins to unravel, and his editors start backing away, leaving Webb alone to weather the pressure and the isolation. Watch movie online "Kill the Messenger (2014)" in a good HD quality on our site for free and without registration.
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