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Dope (2015)
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Dope (2015)

DOPE chronicles the life of high-school senior Malcolm, a self-professed '90s hip-hop geek from Inglewood, California's, worst neighborhood, "The Bottoms." He gets good grades, hopes to go to Harvard, and hangs out with two like-minded friends - Jib and Diggy. Because of Malcolm's crush on a local older beauty, the trio attends local drug dealer Dom's birthday party, where a shoot-out prompts the young dealer to leave a considerable amount of MDMA in a clueless Malcolm's backpack. Malcolm has no idea about the drugs until the next day at school. Then Dom calls Malcolm with specific instructions about what to do with the package, but things go seriously awry. Dom quickly realizes others are after the drugs, which he must somehow get rid of or sell without getting caught, implicated, or even killed - all while preparing for the SATs and a Harvard alumni interview. Watch movie online "Dope (2015)" in a good HD quality on our site for free and without registration.
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