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The Rezort (2015)
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The Rezort (2015)

The movie begins with a dangerous game that has gone more threatening. As a result of Chrmosyndrome-4 virus outburst, the war has started in the world and that is between the living and the infected zombies. A game reserve has been established by an entrepreneur Valerie Wilton named “The Rezort”. It’s an Island getaway and here the paying guests are allowed to kill and hunt the zombies for fun. In the search of catharsis, a young woman named Melanie, whose father passed away in the zombie war goes to the rezort with her boyfriend who is skilled and expert in war.

On this tour, they are joined by Alfie, Jack and Sadie. Sadie had a plan of going to the rezort with her fiancé, but unfortunately as he left her, she joins them. Things take a disastrous turn when the malfunction in the security system allows the zombies to surge over the island. Watch free movie online "The Rezort (2015)" in a good HD quality without registration.
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