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No Stranger Than Love (2015)
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No Stranger Than Love (2015)

The movie begins with Lucy Sherrington, who is an art teacher in a high school. She lives in small town and every male she knows including her students pursue her romantically, but she rejects every one of them because she is in love with a high school football coach named Clint Coburn. But her love life isn’t simple, it’s complicated because Clint Coburn is married. Lucy isn’t sure about Clint’s feelings and that’s the reason she never told him that she loves him.

But Clint tries hard to make her realize that his feelings for her are true. Lucy finally tells Clint that she loves him, but a hole suddenly appears in the center of her room and unfortunately Clint falls in the mysterious hole. Lucy is trying desperately to save Clint, but she also needs to keep Rydell and Clint’s wife distracted. She must stop them from finding Clint, the hole and their affair. Watch free movie online "No Stranger Than Love (2015)" in a good HD quality without registration.
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