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Born to Dance (2015)
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Born to Dance (2015)

The movie begins with the transitioning story of a boy that has been told through his eyes. The boy is ‘Tu’, from the city of Auckland who is craving for being the hip jump dance artist. All he dreams is about his dance and all he longs is about dance. But he shows unwillingness to stick himself to the college training or that of a gaining the things from the society. His unwillingness to become the gainful individual from the society forces his dad to give him the final warning or offer.

The guy with absence of any desire for a subjective test, the guy with unwillingness to do anything with life has his dad to change him and bring him on his way. His father gives him the final offer of a decisive answer or Armed force enrolling. Watch free movie online "Born to Dance (2015)" in a good HD quality without registration.
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