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The Violators (2015)
HD 720
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The Violators (2015)

The movie begins with a beautiful 16 year old girl Shelly. Shelly is a sensible girl who holds the family together. She lives with her siblings as she doesn’t have mother to take care of her while her father is in the prison. Their family history is traumatic and stressful. She is the one who has the responsibility of her siblings. She does a commendable of handling everything with ease. She accepts the gifts from a middle aged shop worker who uses her for his sexual desires. But things change when Rachel, a cool and posh teen enters her life.

Rachel seems to be so interested in Shelly that she begins to stalk her. Shelly and Rachel become good friends and that’s when Rachel develops feelings for her. Rachel gets attracted towards Shelly and they set out on a path that leads to conflicts ruining the life of one and reawakening the other one. Watch free movie online "The Violators (2015)" in a good HD quality without registration.
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