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Dragon Blade (2015)
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Dragon Blade (2015)

The movie begins in western China in 48 BC where a new program has been started by the Government of China named Silk Road Protection and this mainly focuses in bringing peace and harmony everywhere. The commander of this squad is Huo An who is a very sensible and loyal person and he solely works for peace. He puts all his efforts and succeeds in stopping the battle between Huns and Indians.

His wife is a teacher in an orphanage. But the government finds out that there is someone in the group who is ditching them and so, as a punishment for them they are sent to the wild Geese Gate to do the construction work. But the Silk Road lands into trouble when a cunning and corrupt leader of Romans named Tiberius come up with his huge army to destroy them, Huo An with his entire group forms a team with a very loyal and courageous legion of Roman soldiers which is led by Lucius and the epic and worth remembering battle commences.. Watch free movie online "Dragon Blade (2015)" in a good HD quality without registration.
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