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» » » Something in the Woods (2015)
Something in the Woods (2015)
HD 720
IMDB: 5.8
Genre: Family / Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 1h 28min
Year: 2015
Director: David Ford
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Something in the Woods (2015)

The story begins when the Hartman family is troubled by a legendary creature in the year of 1960’s. The creature begins to come around house that is present deep in the woods. When the creature is seen by a boy and he names him as cowman because the creature resembles the cow. The creature looks hairy and smells exactly like the cow according to the boy. There are horrific and horrendous occurrences of the strange creature that nobody has an explanation for but this is the thing that everyone still talks.

The locals have discussion on this topic by sitting round the campfire. Soon, after this scary and strange things take place at the John Hartman’s little farm, there is only one thing that he is left to do. He now has to stand and fight against the thing that everyone loves to talk about, that everyone spends whole night in the discussion but still nobody believes that it exists. A realization hits him that there is nothing more important to him than the security of his family. He puts all the efforts to protect the family from the force that is trying hard to drive them away from their home. Watch free movie online "Something in the Woods (2015)" in a good HD quality without registration.
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