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Dough (2015)
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Dough (2015)

This is an entertaining, lively and a chucklesome comedy movie involving the drama and also a lot of emotions. Nat is an orthodox Jew who owns a kosher bakery. This is his family bakery and he runs it from many years. He is a widower and lives with the memories of his wife. His neighbor’s bakery becomes popular and he begins to lose his customers to them. His assistant quits the job and then he appoints Ayyash, a Muslim amateur as his assistant. That’s when the trouble begins in Nat’s life.

Ayyash lives with his mother and has no father. In order to make money he starts the drug dealing business and he uses his job of an assistant to cover up everything. The boss and the assistant get into a cliché at the start but after sometime the differences disappear and they bring positive changes into each other’s life with their care and love. Watch free movie online "Dough (2015)" in a good HD quality without registration.
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