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The BFG (2016)
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The BFG (2016)

The movie begins with a cute and innocent girl named Sophie who is just ten years old. The little girl inadvertently meets a Giant. The Giant is 24 foot tall and the little girl gets scared of him. His presence built nervousness and fear in the girl at the start. Sophie gets so scared and she begins to panic. But later she gets to know the giant and finds that the giant is very simple, friendly and a loving creature.

She realizes that the giant is polite and his charm, kindness and good will impress her. Sophie and the giant soon become the best of friends and they spend a great time together. Sophie experiences the once in a lifetime kind of adventures that are definitely worth remembering and she spends the best and exciting days of her life with the giant. But to disrupt their enjoyment there are few other giants that begin to trouble them. To get rid of them Sophie and the BFG goes to Queen Victoria for help. Watch free movie online "The BFG (2016)" in a good HD quality without registration.
  1. Amazing book...great movie
  2. Spectacular visual effects. I loved it.


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