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Good Kids (2016)
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Good Kids (2016)

The story begins with the four school kids who are always the most sincere and obedient students. They are always appreciated for being good and this makes the kids very satisfied with their lives. As the time passes the school kids reach the high school and as always they are the good kids busy with their studies and does good always but as the four students graduate from high school, a realization hits them that in the course of being good kids they have missed out fun and all other lives experiences.

They realize that they do not have good memories to cherish and then they decide to bring change into their lives. They decide to add the excitement, fun and happiness to their life. So, they reinvent themselves and enjoy the little time that they are left with and make exciting and crazy memories that they can cherish throughout life. Watch free movie online "Good Kids (2016)" in a good HD quality without registration.
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  1. This movie is pretty funny and I liked it but it doesn't match up to american pie xD


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