» » » Deep Burial (2017)
Deep Burial (2017)
HD 720
IMDB: 4.2
Genre: 2017 / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Country: USA
Duration: 1h 21min
Year: 2017
Director: Dagen Merrill
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Deep Burial (2017)

There's a huge nuclear power plant hidden in the middle of the desert, and when it loses all communications with the outside world, Abby, a young-yet-gifted safety inspector has no other choice but to leave her life behind and fly over there to bring the plant back online. Upon arrival, she feels like there's something wrong with the two men that have been working there. The woman starts to think that they've gone insane. Or maybe they're not actually who they say they are? If you love gripping and engrossing science fiction films, make sure to put Atomica on your list of must-sees. It's suspenseful, full of tension and action-packed, perfect for the fans.
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