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Father Figures (2017)
HD 720
Genre: 2017 / Comedy
Country: USA
Duration: 1h 53min
Year: 2017
Director: Lawrence Sher

Father Figures (2017)

Peter and his brother Kyle have always thought that their dad passed away when they were still babies. That's what their mom told them, and the fellas never really had a reason to doubt that. However, when they accidentally discover that it's far from the truth, the bruvs hop on a cross-country journey to find out what really happened and, hopefully, meet their daddy. Along the way, they learn more about their mom than they ever wanted to, and now the boys can't "unlearn" any of it. She kept it all a secret for a reason! So, will they eventually get together with their old man, or maybe this quest was all for nothing? One thing is certain: their lives will never be the same again...
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