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Gods of Egypt (2016)
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Gods of Egypt (2016)

Set in ancient Egypt, GODS OF EGYPT begins on the day that Osiris is about to crown his son, Horus, Lord of the Air, the next king. At the coronation ceremony, Osiris' bitter, jealous brother, Set arrives to kill Osiris, defeat and exile Horus and take the throne for himself. Meanwhile, a mortal couple young thief Bek and his devout love, Zaya mess with the gods by conspiring to steal Horus' eyes from Set's vault. Although Bek successfully retrieves one eye, Zaya's employer, Urshu, Set's royal architect, kills her for her treason. Grief stricken Bek takes Zaya's body to Horus, where he strikes a bargain. Horus' eye for a promise to revive Zaya. Together the mortal and the god embark on an unlikely journey to defeat the maniacal Set before he destroys all of creation. Watch movie online "Gods of Egypt (2016)" in a good HD quality on our site for free and without registration.
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