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Cinderella Man (2005)
HD 720
IMDB: 8.0
Genre: Movies / Biography / Drama / Sport
Country: USA
Duration: 2h 24min
Year: 2005
Director: Ron Howard
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Cinderella Man (2005)

The movie was set in the 1920s in America where a former boxer, Jim Braddock lives an ordinary and simple life filled with tranquility. But these days don’t last long. Things turn bad when America is afflicted by the destructive economic downturn. The declining economy affected many people. Among them, there was this man’s family too. When the depression tolled his family, he knew he had to do something to change things. So, he decided to get back to his former profession that is boxing.

He became the most unexpected hero and everyone praised him as he proved how one can beyond extent to get another chance for his beloved family and himself. The common man tried really hard to bring his family out of the depressing situation. This common man is the Cinderella man, who became one of most inspirational and surprising person in the history of sports legends. Watch free movie online "Cinderella Man (2005)" in a good HD quality without registration.
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