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» » Children of Men (2006)
Children of Men (2006)
HD 720
IMDB: 7.9
Genre: Movies / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Country: USA, Japan, UK
Duration: 1h 49min
Year: 2006
Director: Alfonso Cuarón
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Children of Men (2006)

The movie begins with the futuristic society that has fallen into chaos as the human race has lost its ability to reproduce. Children of Men envisages a generation that has contemplated the infertility defect in a population. The world is in chaos as its youngest citizen of just 18 years has lost his life and the humans are likely to face their own extinction. The beautiful city, London, is torn apart by brutal and nationalistic sects. Britain, has also seized its borders and has become a part of the war between the establishment and the rebels who are supporting the rights of immigrants.

A bureaucrat named Theo Faron is abducted by a group of militant immigrants’ rights which is led by Julian Taylor, who is none other than Theo’s wife, from whom he separated after the tragic death of their son. But this disillusioned bureaucrat becomes the champion as he tries and brings the earth out of the mayhem. Watch free movie online "Children of Men (2006)" in a good HD quality without registration.
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