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The Phenom (2016)
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The Phenom (2016)

The movie begins with Hopper Gibson, a young and talented athlete. Hopper Jr. has been brutalized by his own dad into a pitching machine as he wants him to be successful. The young boy is the major league and when he cannot find the plate, he is moved down to minor leagues. His treatment and sessions with a sports Psychologist also begins. With the sessions it is discovered that Hopper Jr. has been so disturbed mentally by the training that has been given to him by his father.

This training is no less than an abuse. His strange relationship with his father leaves him lonely and traumatized. One of the incidents where he couldn’t perform well in his game left his father so angered on him that he ended up throwing a beer can at the young boy’s head. His father is so emotionless that he never shows any love towards Hopper Jr. All the events from the past of the Hopper Jr. that has brought him into trauma are revealed during his therapy sessions. Watch free movie online "The Phenom (2016)" in a good HD quality without registration.
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