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The Perfect Match (2016)
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The Perfect Match (2016)

The story begins with a playboy and philanderer named Charlie, who believes that there is nothing like Love. After his every affair he believes that his relationship has died. Charlie's sister who is too concerned about him tries to tell him that he may encounter trouble doing such thing. But Charlie being a pleasure seeker is convinced that such a thing will never happen to him. Things take a turn when Charlie's friends who have known his nature bets him that if he stays with a single woman for a month he will surely fall for her.

But Charlie is too confident that there is no woman who can make him fall in love. Charlie accepts the bet. Eva, a beautiful girl full of charm enters into his life and he gets so mesmerized with her beauty. Her lovely attitude finally makes Charlie go head over heels for her. They begin relationship with a Casual and easy going affair but Charlie falls for her. Soon he finds that Eva has played a game with him. Watch free movie online "The Perfect Match (2016)" in a good HD quality without registration.
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