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Natural Selection (2016)
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Natural Selection (2016)

The story begins with a woman named Linda white who is a faithful house wife. She is a devoted Christian who leads a happy and beautiful life in the suburban Texas. But her life is devastated and she is left shattered when her dying husband, Abe reveals the truth that he has a 23 year old misbegotten son named Raymond who lives in Florida. Abe’s last wish is to find Raymond and even though this doesn’t please Linda but due to guilt and loneliness she decides to make her wish come true. She goes out on a journey to find Raymond and bring him back.

But this journey brings a lot of changes in Linda’s life and her strange and queer relationship with Raymond teaches her many things and she comes to know more about herself than she never knew about her. A lot of things from the past come out and she is obligated to come to terms with the things of her past. Watch free movie online "Natural Selection (2016)" in a good HD quality without registration.
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  1. Throw back to biology exams <3


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