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Knight and Day (2010)
HD 720
IMDB: 6.3
Genre: Action / Comedy / Romance
Country: USA
Duration: 1h 49min
Year: 2010
Director: James Mangold
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Knight and Day (2010)

The movie begins with a beautiful girl named June and her strange meeting with a guy named Roy Miller, a lethal operative. Roy Miller’s encounter with June Havens is at the airport when Roy collides with June and this encounter doesn’t end here as they both turn out to be in the same airplane. The plane has very less number of passengers and something very strange takes place in the plane.

When June visits the restroom, Roy shoots all the passengers and the pilots too. June who doesn’t hear any sound comes out of the restroom oblivious with all the things happened in her absence and takes her seat. The airplane crashes and this incident bring a lot of changes in their lives. June falls in love with Roy and becomes a part of his adventurous life but there is something more than what meets the eye. June still isn’t sure if Roy is a genuine guy or a traitor. Watch free movie online "Knight and Day (2010)" in a good HD quality without registration.
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