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Experimenter (2015)
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Experimenter (2015)

EXPERIMENTER is the chronicle of world renowned psychologist Stanley Milgram's famous series of social experiments, most notably his "obedience experiments" of the 1960s. While a young professor at Yale University, Milgram oversees an experiment for three years in which a subject is asked to play the role of "teacher" in an experiment about the possible benefits of consequences for learning. Each "teacher" is told punish the "learner" who's in the next room with an electric shock for each incorrect answer. In reality, the "learner" is a collaborator in the experiment, which is actually focused on the teacher's behavior as he / she debates whether or not to shock the learner. Milgram, inspired by infamous Nazi Adolf Eichmann's attitude toward his war crimes, finds that 65 percent of the teachers continue to shock their learner without stopping obeying their instructions despite having the free will to walk away. The movie primarily deals with Milgram's professional life which includes a lot of criticism of his ethics but does include a bit about his personal life, especially about his courtship of Sasha a former ballerina he meets on the way to a party. Watch movie online "Experimenter (2015)" in a good HD quality on our site for free and without registration.
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