» » » The Dark Horse (2016)
The Dark Horse (2016)
HD 720
IMDB: 7.5
Genre: Biography / Drama
Country: New Zealand
Duration: 2h 4min
Year: 2016
Director: James Napier Robertson
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The Dark Horse (2016)

A man that goes by the name of Genesis is a genius-level chess player. He can think many steps ahead and is considered to be one of the finest champs out there. Along with a brilliant mind, he's also got a troubled soul and is trying to find ways to cope with that. Teaching underprivileged kids some tips and tricks about chess seems like a perfect way to do something good in life and find purpose. Pretty soon, Genesis becomes something of a mentor for them, a father figure that welcomes them into the big, scary world and shares his own experiences in life. This is one of those classic stories where a man fighting his demons finds redemption in the hearts and minds of teenagers.
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