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Gotham: Season 1
HD 720
IMDB: 7.9
Genre: TVseries
Country: USA
Duration: 42min
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Gotham: Season 1

Welcome to Gotham, home to the worst criminals you could possibly think of. Every single psycho comes to this city to make a name for himself. Gordon, a good-hearted and dedicated police detective, is one of the few hard-working and honest cops and is not on any gangster's payroll. Same goes for Bullock, his grumpy and hard-boiled partner. Together, they solve a crime involving a thug killing one of the city's most famous couple and leaving their son - Bruce - all alone in the world. But, as it soon turns out, there's so much more to this murder than they initially thought. The kid inherits a huge fortune from his parents and vows to avenge their death. They become friends with Gordon and try to fix Gotham together.
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